Ride and Drive Kubota Field Day

APRIL 28, 2018

Gene & Matt Tractors Sales, Inc. Ride and Drive Kubota Field Day Event

10am to 4pm

Gene & Matt Tractor Sales, Inc. would like to invite everyone to share in our Kubota Ride and Drive Field Day Event taking place on Saturday, April 28, 2018 between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm at the Shields Ethridge Heritage Farm.

You will have the opportunity to Ride, Drive, ask questions and actually Demo the equipment.

There will be a wide variety of Homeowner equipment such as Zero Turn Mowers and RTV’s, Agriculture Equipment such as Tractors and Implements and Construction Equipment such as Compact Track Loaders and Excavators on hand providing a great opportunity to demonstrate the equipment at no cost to you.

There will be food and drink available for purchase and we invite you to register for our door prize drawing.

You will also be able to enjoy the historical site of Shields Ethridge Heritage Farm Foundation which dates back to 1792, take a tour of the buildings ranging from a cotton gin, cabins, blacksmith shop, barns, an old school house and more. Step into “how life used to be”. It’s a fun way to compare the past equipment to the modern equipment and enjoy learning about both.

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Gene England started Gene & Matt Tractor Sales, Inc. more than 40 years ago and has strong ties to the local community. He and his son Matt continue to run the family distributorship. Gene England has used his agriculture and history knowledge to educate younger generations through shows and events and how to blacksmith and how to plow with mules. He has written a book on historical topics and is well versed in the agricultural industry and it’s history. Gene has also done TV programs explaining the history of items used, one of these programs taking place on a cabin he built where he explained how life was and showed tools and items from history and how they were used in day to day life. Gene continues to serve on the Board of Directors for the Shields Ethridge Heritage Farm Foundation.