Susan Chaisson Spotted

Susan Chaisson, a descendent of the Ethridge family, has been spotted once again, sharing her catching passion for the history of the Shields Ethridge Farm.

susan-chaisson-ga-magThe photograph is part of a feature story in University of Georgia’s Georgia Magazine entitled, “Engaging the Best and the Brightest” which examines the UGA programs developed for freshman over the past decade to keep them engaged so they stay enrolled and graduate.

Joining Susan in the photo-op is Seth Euster who participated in one such program called CURO, Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, which allows students to work alongside UGA’s top faculty members on research projects often afforded only to students in graduate programs.

What began as a research project in history class lead to extending the project through CURO. An invitation to participate in a panel discussion for the spring meeting of the Georgia Association of Historians followed. According to Euster, the research opportunity puts him in a league ahead of other programs at other schools.

This is a marvelous example of how the tireless and varied efforts by Susan to share the history of her ancestors with our community touches both historians and individuals in unseen ways.

You can read the full story at Georgia Magazine online.