Save Our History Grant


The History Channel awarded a grant to the Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm in 2007 to help preserve the history of cotton farming and farm life in Jackson County. The Jackson County Comprehensive High School (JCCHS) was the Farm’s educational partner, and students created permanent products such as a diorama, an interpretive visual display, and informational video about the Farm.

Students and teachers from JCCHS prepared scripts to explain the process of growing, harvesting, and ginning cotton, as well as attending a two-room school house.  Costumes were created for the docents, who guided  third grade students from Jackson County while visiting the farm. Costumes were created for the docents.

The Save Our History Grant Program from The History Channel, provided funding to history organizations that partner with schools on a local community preservation project. Since launching the Save Our History Grant Program in 2004, The History Channel awarded $1,000,000 in grants to organizations and schools large and small, urban, suburban and rural, in the northern, southern, eastern, western and central United States.