garageThis garage was built in 1923. Its prominent location opposite the main house and substantial construction using concrete blocks reflect Mr. Ira’s enthusiasm for automobiles. Joyce Ethridge remembered that he liked to buy the latest models and enjoyed motoring to Florida for winter vacations.

As the front faces the main house, some care has been taken with its appearance; in particular the gable has an elaborate pattern of shingles. The large front doors are hung from a patented mechanism that allows them to swing inwards.garage gables

Inside, the main space could accommodate three vehicles. At times, Mr. Ira would purchase stripped-down vehicles, usually trucks, and would have them rebuilt for his own use or resale. On the south side of the building there is a room specially equipped for spray-painting these vehicles. In an other room at the back of the garage, there is a pump drawing water from a well, one of several within the farmstead.