Warehouse and Watertower

This warehouse with its three wide bays and sliding doors at both ends provided space where bales of cotton produced at the gin could be stored before they were shipped. One of the last bales of cotton produced at the gin can still be seen inside.

But for much of the year its main use was to house farm equipment and machinery, which could be stored both inside on the ground or in the loft and outside under shed roofs. The shed on the side facing the cotton gin has a higher roof and at one time housed a set of wagon scales.

Around 1913, Mr. Ira erected a water tower beside the warehouse after his first gin house had been badly damaged by fire. water tower

An engine pumped water from Martin Creek into the tank that stands high above all the farm buildings. The iron pipe that conveyed the water can be found protruding from the ground in front of the gristmill.