Restoration of the Cotton Gin Office

The Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm Foundation, Inc. is planning to preserve the gin office as part of the Farm’s ongoing restoration. The building is significant as the gin’s business center, where Mr. Ira oversaw the cotton gin’s operation. It contains a safe, desks for record keeping, and a well-lit workspace.

Its location made it easy to check the gin’s operation and serve the steady flow of farmers with mule-drawn wagons. The gin office currently requires significant repairs, particularly to damaged framing and flooring. Other repairs are also needed to complete a full restoration of the gin office.

The purpose of this work is to preserve the building so it can function as another museum facility and accommodate visitors on tours. Like Bachelors’ Academy (school house), the restoration will follow Preservation Standards so its original, historic appearance will be unchanged.

Estimated costs for the restoration totals $9,120. The Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm, Inc. is seeking private donations towards this amount.

For further information about this project,  contact Susan Chaisson. Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm Foundation, Inc.