Helpful Information

Length of Tour

Guided tours of the Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm grounds last approximately 2 hours and include by periods of movement and periods of standing.

Self Guided Walking Tours may proceed at your own pace and convenience. Please limit your visit to daylight hours during the months of April through October.


Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm is located on a farm, so some  paths may not be wheelchair accessible. Most paths are dirt or grass. Access may require assistance, depending on the wheelchair type and/or occupant strength.


Public restrooms are not provided.


Shields-Ethridge Farm is outdoors. We recommend bringing your own water and dressing for the weather.

Food and Refreshments

We recommend bringing your own water.

A covered area in the Tractor Shed is available to rest or take time for a snack or sack lunch. Benches are available, but not tables. Or bring a picnic and blanket and find a cozy place in the lawn area.