wheat houseThis tall wood-framed building was used both as a granary and as a place to store farm equipment. Like the garage, it faces the main house and so it has some ornamental features, notably a balcony above the front door. But this balcony was more than a handsome addition; mule-drawn wagons were backed under it so that workers could hoist sacks of grain into the loft.

In the loft there are large wooden bins in which grain was stored. Inside on the ground floor, beside the main door, there is a very steep flight of stairs leading up into the loft, and, on the north wall, one can see wooden chutes used to convey grain back to the ground for bagging.

Sliding doors give access to sheds on the sides and rear of the building. These were used to store wagons, buggies and gear.

Like the commissary, this building was moved to its present position when Ethridge Road was realigned and paved in the 1950s.