Ethridge Home Movie Collection

The Ethridge Collection (1939–56), home movies taken on the Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm was made possible by The University of Georgia’s Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection, through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. The project involved making a new negative of the existing old film from which a new print… [Continue Reading]

Digital Library of Georgia

The Shields and Ethridge families seldom threw things away; what could not be used was set aside… just in case… Not only is the farm remarkable for its well-preserved buildings and their contents, but also for the rich collection of papers that the family created and kept, including letters, ledgers, photographs, tax records, catalogues, scrapbooks,… [Continue Reading]

Presenting Mr. Ira’s Masterpiece: A Thesis

Presenting Mr. Ira’s Masterpiece: Two Centuries of Agricultural Change at the Shields-Ethridge Farm By Patricia Stallings University of Georgia Thesis, May 2002 For two centuries, owners of the Shields-Ethridge Farm in Jackson County, Georgia adapted to changes in the larger agricultural scene. Following the pattern of other upcountry settlers, they first cultivated tobacco, then switched… [Continue Reading]