Self-Guided Walking Tours

The Shields-Ethridge Farm Self Guided Walking Tour is a combination of an interactive iPhone/iTouch App, informative signage, and printed map and brochure designed to direct visitors to the remarkable farm buildings of Shield-Ethridge Farm. The tour provides background information and historical insight into the family, the farm, the it’s agricultural heritage. You can explore the… [Continue Reading]

Hours and Directions

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Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm standard operating hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday from April through October. Guided Tour Hours Standard Guided Tour hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday from April through October. Entry is permitted only with a reservation. Self Guided Tour Hours Self Guided Tours hours are… [Continue Reading]

Helpful Information

Length of Tour Guided tours of the Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm grounds last approximately 2 hours and include by periods of movement and periods of standing. Self Guided Walking Tours may proceed at your own pace and convenience. Please limit your visit to daylight hours during the months of April through October. Accessibility Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm… [Continue Reading]

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Spend an afternoon exploring the Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm. Enjoy this interactive tour experience that shares some of the rich farming history of Northeast Georgia. Choose your own route or follow our recommended tour route that leads you through the farm core and to nearby farm buildings. Just tap each stop to hear professionally narrated stories… [Continue Reading]

Special Events

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FRIENDS OF THE FARM FUNDRAISER JOIN IN OUR FUNDRAISER: ORDER A BOSTON BUTT PICK UP ON May 28, 2021 What better way to support Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm Fundraiser by ordering a Boston Butt or two or three. Click here to purchase tickets online! Mule Day As an annual tradition, Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm will celebrate its… [Continue Reading]