Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm Interpretative Program

Shields-Ethridge Farm was recently honored with an Innovation Award by The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO). Seeking to increase tourism opportunities and foster economic development at one of the state’s more significant historic farms, Shields-Ethridge partnered with Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) staff to identify potential solutions to accommodate greater visitation with low operation… [Continue Reading]

Shields-Ethridge featured on Visit Appalachia website

In a new guide entitled, Civil War: The Homefront, visitors are invited to explore historical sites that illustrate life during that time.  According to the website, “while material written about the Civil War could easily fill a library, relatively little of it focuses on the stories of noncombatants and how families, farms, and livelihoods fared… [Continue Reading]

Signs and technology connecting with Jackson County’s past heritage

By KATIE DUNN and LEANNE AKIN, JEFFERSON — Though its history delves deep into Jackson County’s agricultural past, the Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm recently incorporated a bit of the 21st century into its outdoor museum. Walking around her family’s farm last Saturday, Susan Chaisson used technology to bring its storied past to life. A… [Continue Reading]